Eric Cartman - Poker Face Ringtone

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We are glad to introduce you our version of Eric Cartman’s Poker Face Ringtone created from YouTube video use service. Enjoy!

Rating of the most highly paid singers

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Forbes has made Queens Of Cash’ Earning Listб where singers who have earned most money for a yearб have entered: at calculation the magazine considered earnings of stars from concerts, concert tours, advertising, sales of albums, and also additional incomes.
The rating is headed by Madonna. According to it, since June 2006 till June 2007, the singer has earned 72 million dollars. The Most part of this money to the Madonna was brought with her tour Confessions.
The second and third place in the list was given to Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, who have earned 60 and 45 million dollars accordingly. Shakira with her 38 million dollars is on the fourth position.
Britney Spears, who has taken the 14 position in the list, the basic part of her incomes has been received from sale of the old hits and own perfume under name Curious.
The Top 10
1) Madonna: $72 million
2) Barbara Streisand: $60 million
3) Celine Dion: $45 million
4) Shakira: $38 million
5) Beyonce: $27 million
6) Gwen Stefani: $26 million
7) Christina Aguilera: $20 million
8) Faith Hill: $19 million
9) Dixie Chicks: $18 million
10) Mariah Carey: $13 million
Bubbling Under
11) Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Martina McBride (tie): $12 million.
14) Britney Spears: $8 million
15) Carrie Underwood, Nelly Furtado: $7 million (tie)
17) Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow: $6 million (tie)
20) Norah Jones: $5.5 million

Nicole Kidman denies her pregnancy

Written on 21 January 2008 by

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have denied information on pregnancy of the actress.
Nicole Kidman and musician Keith Urban have got married in 2006 in Sydney. Kidman has two adopted children, a 14-year-old Isabella and 12-year-old Connor after her marriage with Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.
Earlier Nicole Kidman has declared, that was going to depart from career at cinema in 2008. More recently the actress has finished work in the project Australia.

Gisele Bundchen became the designer of Dolce&Gabbana

Written on 13 January 2008 by

Models, Perhaps, (except for designers), are the closest to the world of haute couture persons. Having got enough of experience in fashion-business and having received the world popularity, the most highly paid top-model Gisele Bundchen has seriously decided to design fashionable clothes.
Right at the beginning of a year in the market of elite fashionable clothes the new worthy offer - a line of clothes under name Bündchen by Dolce&Gabbana, which was created with Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen especially for the Italian house of a fashion, will be offered. The given collection will become debut for the well-known model, who is declaring about her designer career.
The new spring line of clothes from Gisele Bundchen will appear in boutiques D&G in March, 2008. It is doubtless, that Gisele Bundchen will become the face of her clothes.
Beauty Gisele Bundchen cooperates with D&G not for the first time. Already long time the model, considered one of the most beautiful women on the Earth, is the face of perfumery line and line of clothes of the trade mark D&G, and owing to advertising with Gisele Bundchen the company, (on hearings) has received profit on sales at a rate of 150 million dollars.

The plane has been named in honor of five beauties

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British airline Virgin Atlantic has given to one of planes Boeing 747 the name Spice One in honor of recently again united group Spice Girls. Participants of the group have selected three probable names - Spice One, Spice Girl and Girl Power - and have offered users to choose the best one at the web site. Thousand people have taken part in the voting. Solemn ceremony of assignment to the plane of name Spice One took place in the airport of Los Angeles.
Company Virgin Airlines has been officially named by a carrier, which services group will use during their tour The Return of the Spice Girls.

Madonna will not celebrate Christmas

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Two years ago Madonna’s spouse Guy Ritchie has told, that his wife “has cancelled Christmas”. It means that their family does not celebrate this holiday any more. In fact Madonna became devote of Kabbalah (a form of Judaism) and adheres to traditions of this religion. And her family together celebrates Jewish holidays.
But Madonna’s children, Lourdes, 11, Rocco, 7, and David Banda, 2, are looking forward to Christmas Day and gifts. Therefore Madonna and Guy have decided that they will present three gifts to each child. Spouses are not going to celebrate Christmas and will not give any presents to each other.
Madonna has recently admitted that she still believes in Jesus Christ and has not finally refused Christianity. But she has her own opinion concerning Christmas gifts: she is against Christmas commercialization.

Celine Dion has played her last show

Written on 19 December 2007 by

French singer Celine Dion has decided to finish career of the singer as she considers that she should give more time to family.
Last Friday Celine Dion’s final two-hour Las Vegas show “New day” has gathered 4000 spectators. Singing a final song “My Heart Will Go On”, Dion did not hide tears and said that it was very difficult for her to understand that her career has come to the end, but it was “wonderful adventure”.
In the end of show her husband Rene Angelil and her son have come to the stage and embraced Celine.
Celine Dion’s original show combined a vocal, performance and elements of theatrical performance, the troupe from 58 person-dancers, musicians, and actors participated in it. During five years the general cash gathering of this representation has made about 400 million dollars.

Nicole Kidman has won the claim in court

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Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has won the claim in court on protection of honor and the advantage, submitted against the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
In November in the newspaper the information that Kidman has signed the contract on advertising of the well-known perfume “Chanel 5″, held in a handbag a bottle of spirits of other firm on presentation of film The Golden Compass, has been published. The newspaper approved, that Nicole breaks the contract with Chanel. However, investigation has shown that the note was just a slander.
The sum, which The Daily Telegraph has paid to actress, is being kept in secret. But Kidman says that all of money will contribute to Fund of the United Nations for support of women’s interests as she conducts active campaign in protection of women’s rights all over the world.

New Year with Paris Hilton

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Within the last six months after the imprisonment for driving in a state of alcohol intoxication Paris Hilton, well-known hotels impair successor, has decided to show her love to alcohol. However, this time Paris has chosen the right way and has decided to make money. The enterprising blonde has presented her own line of champagne.
Recently 26-year-old Paris Hilton has declared that she has started release of own line of a popular sparkling drink, bottles with which will be opened worldwide, when clock will punch twelve. So, this time the star has seriously undertaken the “alcoholic” part of the income.
As it has become known, the champagne is being produced together with company Rich Prosecco. Next week the novelty will be represented in Paris and Berlin, and after that - in the USA.
It is necessary to note, that now development of the business - not only Hilton’s chance to make money and to gain some more popularity, but also a way to help poor people. According to her application, she will give 20 % of incomes of sale of champagne on the charitable purposes. For example, the part of money will be forwarded on requiring pure potable water supply.

Jack Nicholson has 9000 children!

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Until recently actor Jack Nicholson recognized paternity only four children from three different women. But recently he has declared, that he can have 9000 children because he lived very frivolously and he had many girlfriends.
In interview to the American magazine Men’s Journal Nicholson has told, that he forgets about women in an hour after sex. As he said, he can do nothing with it. So his brain is arranged.

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